The Japanese Kiln
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My passion is my work Check them out

film & video production.

Through the years I've handled numerous different types of kameras in hundreds of different ways and working with different kinds of workflows, from ENG studio setup, to indie films, to simple 2-3 point stage recording, as well as OB productions.

audio recording.

Filling out foley, recording dialogue with a proper condenser in a stuidio, or dynamic out in the wild, I genuinely find it all intriguing and interesting, to see the sound bars reach the set maximum, avoiding peaking, is just a fantastic feeling. When technology just -works in the right hands-

scripting & storyboarding.

While I wouldn't necessarily call myself the next Orson Wells or Akira Kurosawa, I can say for sure that I have a passion for creative writing, and the storyboarding process. The path in finding the quirks and the unique twists and turns to make a story special, making it an enjoyable process.

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